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Journal Cover Image accepted in ACS Nano

Journal Cover Image accepted in ACS Nano

Our latest research on wearable sensor device based on Mxene has been accepted for cover image in ACS Nano. Herein, we propose a special approach to enhance the sensitivity and linearity range of a capacitive pressure sensor by fabricating a hybrid ionic nanofibrous membrane as a sensing layer composed of Ti3C2Tx MXene and an ionic salt of lithium sulfonamides in a poly(vinyl alcohol) elastomer matrix. The reversible ion pumping triggered by a hydrogen bond in the hybrid sensing layer leads to high sensitivities of 5.5 and 1.5 kPa–1 in the wide linear ranges of 0–30 and 30–250 kPa, respectively, and a fast response time of 70.4 ms. In addition, the fabricated sensor exhibits a minimum detection limit of 2 Pa and high durability over 20 000 continuous cycles even under a high pressure of 45 kPa. These results indicate that the proposed sensor can be potentially used in mobile medical monitoring devices and next-generation artificial e-skin.

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