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Journal Cover Image accepted in Small

Journal Cover Image accepted in Small

Our research on "An Electrodeposited MXene‐Ti3C2Tx Nanosheets Functionalized by Task‐Specific Ionic Liquid for Simultaneous and Multiplexed Detection of Bladder Cancer Biomarkers" which has been published recently in Nano Micro Small journal, has been also selected for Journal cover image. 

In article number 2002517, Jae Yeong Park and co‐workers successfully demonstrate a green, facile, and cost‐effective one‐pot deposition mechanism of 2D MXene‐Ti3C2Tx onto gold interdigitated microelectrode within few minutes via electroplating (termed ElectroMXenition). This versatile solution‐based technique enables the deposition of low‐cost, large‐area, and high‐quality MXene onto conductive electrodes, which is applicable to not only biosensing, but also electronics, optoelectronics, catalysis, and renewable energy.

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