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Research on Multifunctional Hybrid Skin Patch got featured on University Portal and Natural News Portal

Research on Multifunctional Hybrid Skin Patch got featured on University Portal and Natural News Portal

Our latest research on multifunctional hybrid skin patch got featured on university portals and natural news. Recent advances in wearable patches have included various sensors to monitor either physiological signs, such as the heart rate and respiration rate, or metabolites. Nevertheless, most of these have focused only on a single physiological measurement at a time, which significantly inhibits the calibration of various biological signals and diagnostic facilities. In this study, a novel multifunctional hybrid skin patch was developed for the electrochemical analysis of sweat glucose levels and simultaneous monitoring of electrocardiograms (ECGs). Furthermore, pH and temperature sensors were co-integrated onto the same patch for the calibration of the glucose biosensor to prevent inevitable inhibition and weakening of enzyme activity due to changes in the sweat pH and temperature levels. The fabricated electrochemical glucose biosensor exhibited excellent linearity (R2 = 0.9986) and sensitivity (29.10 μA mM−1 cm−2), covering the normal range of human sweat. The potentiometric pH sensor displayed a good response with an excellent sensitivity of −77.81 mV/pH and high linearity (R2 = 0.991), indicating that it can distinguish variations in the typical pH range for human sweat. Furthermore, the P, QRS complex, and T peaks in the measured ECG waveforms could be clearly distinguished, indicating the reliability of the fabricated flexible dry electrodes for continuous monitoring. The fabricated skin patch overcomes the inconvenience of the mandatory attachment of multiple patches on the human body by fully integrating all the electrochemical and electrophysiological sensors on a single patch, thus facilitating advanced glycemic control and continuous ECG monitoring for smart management of chronic diseases and healthcare applications.

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