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Research on Nano Generator got Featured on University and Natural New Portal

Research on Nano Generator got Featured on University and Natural New Portal

Our latest research on nano generator got featured on University portal and different natural news portals. Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) have proven to be potential candidates for low-frequency vibration mechanical energy harvesting, which utilize different electron affinities material. In this regard, strong electron-donating tendencies materials are highly required to improve the TENGs’ performance. Here, a poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (poly-DADMAC)/nylon-11 composite nanofibrous mat is newly proposed as a highly positive triboelectric layer for boosting the TENGs’ performance. Through the dielectric modulation of the nylon-11 nanofiber achieved by incorporating cationic poly-DADMAC, the output performance of the TENG was significantly enhanced by the relative dielectric constant, which is attributed to the three-fold increase in the surface charge trapping capability of the composite materials. After the incorporation of poly-DADMAC, the mechanical strength of the developed composite materials was six times greater than that of pristine nylon-11. The fabricated TENG showed excellent power density (7.6 W/m2) and sustainable power generation for low-power electronic devices. The proposed TENG was successfully demonstrated as a self-powered pressure sensor with an ultra-high sensitivity of 1.01 V/KPa. Furthermore, the TENG was utilized as a self-powered motion sensor for monitoring real-time human motion, including slow walking, fast walking, jogging, slow running, fast running, and jumping. Finally, the TENG was adopted and demonstrated to successfully monitor human motion status using a smartphone web application in the Internet of Things (IoT). These results of this study are expected to provide guidance for the construction of high-performance TENGs and promote the development of self-sustainable portable or wearable electronics and self-powered sensors.

<Schematic of the nylon composite nanofibrous mat based nano generator and self-powered pressure sensor and comparison with another results>


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